Personal Financial Missions

My Key Missions

  • Get to basic financial freedom
  • Get 300k in bank

Outlining Upcoming Articles:

How I got to financial freedom:

  1. Going to college or training while working 30-40 hours a week
  2. Getting a job in a design, marketing or coding job with no previous experience
  3. Working an average 15 hours on the side while being paid a salary
  4. Working on your personal brand and then transitioning on your own with a financial buffer
  5. Learning to delegate and focusing on the business

How  I’m getting to 300k in the bank

  1. The ultimate guide to learn how to sell
  2. Finding VA’s and people to help with the work + Getting a team working in the same direction
  3. Understanding the important KPI’s for a small business / getting to profit
  4. Selling for more / not getting squeezed too hard by vendors
  5. Going from 20 to 50 clients in a service business
  6. Scaling from an average of 2k retainers to 3k
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